Brighton Pagans

Picture of Brighton sea front near the undercliff

Pagan activities in Brighton

Monthly pub moot

We aim to run a friendly pub moot on the third Wednesday of each month - all pagans and others respectfully interested are welcome. If you have specific questions there is an opportunity to talk to us at the beginning or end of the moot. The moot is open to all Pagan and Heathen paths and we have a Code of Conduct.

Unfortunately we have had to take a break from organising the moot for health reasons. We will update this page as the position becomes clearer.

Other local moots

Our Druid friends at the Anderida Gorsedd have a regular pub moot in Southwick on the second Monday of each month, and there is a moot in Worthing with a Facebook group on the second Wednesday. Both recommended.


We are in the process of rebuilding our website but this page will be kept up to date while we are working on it. Older content that is still relevant will reappear in due course.

We can be contacted at: enquiries at brightonpagans dot org

We also have a web presence on Facebook - any last minute changes will be posted there

This page last updated on 7 November 2018